Our mission is to design and promote activities and events so as to sponsor a global wellness culture which is to combine a comprehensive care of both mind and body well integrated into urban leisure.
Several disciplines such as coaching, yoga, different sports, relaxation techniques and meditation, dancing, nutrition serve as a complete kit to maximize a leisure model including all of the previous and building synergies among them.
It’s time to practice a ‘Conscious Joy’ in order to cope with the enormous doses of stress with which we live these days and the over demanding environment surrounding us.
Change your angle and open yourself to new experiences!!

Inma Brea


Passionate about human behavior since very early, Coaching was Inma’s own personal growth tool and the meeting point between what she is and what she does.
A firmly believer in the philosophy behind Coaching, Inma thinks it is among the most effective ways to support the individual as much as the Companies in their development and transformation process. The use of Applied Neuroscience as a scientific base to Coaching should help hold the results in the medium – long run.
Inma’s background includes a Certified Coach Degree from the International Coaching University & Madrid Chamber of Commerce, a Membership of the Neuroscience and Education Academy (ANE) and a Business Management Degree (UNED) and a Masters in Marketing & Sales from Escuela Europea de Dirección de Empresa (EUDE).

Carla Sánchez


Carla’s education combines History of Arts and Dramatic Art, having built a strong career as an actress. She started to practice yoga at a very early stage and it has transformed the way She sees life.

Carla is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor from ‘Escuela Internacional’, and a Certified VinyasaFlow and Yoga for Pregnancy Instructor from Evolation Yoga, New York. She brands with a very positive spirit and joy of living her classes and workshops. Carla encourages her students to explore new ways of motion, expression, so as to awaken their creative energy deepening into their own limits and inviting them to go beyond the barriers of the practice.

Carla conceives Yoga as the crossroads between ancient wisdom and full understanding of the body from Eastern cultures and Western progress. This is the way, She believes, to find balance in different aspects of life with the best possible outcome.